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Our Recent Work


One Hour Signs

i360 Group re-designed the website and implemented an SEO service that yields 20-30 leads per month.


Investigative Accounting Group

IAG Forensics needed a new identity, website, Social Media presence, and accompanying print collateral.


Southeast Laser Etching

We optimized the webpages for specific keywords. This effort resulted in the client attracting customers from across the US. Manufacturing companies are shipping cases and pallets of their parts to be engraved or laser etched.


FIS Data

i360 Group's Custom Software Development team developed a system where customers can enter search criteria based on their location, budget and other specific criteria. The ListCounts system determines how many names are available and the cost. The customer can then purchase and download the list.


Valet Works

i360 Group re-designed the website and introduced new branding. Valet Works is growing through large Apartment Renovations and Government projects.


Coach John Hyatt

We built a new website with an emphasis on the Mobile First design. This new effort is resulting in an increase in new client inquiries, and John is serving more clients.

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COVID-19 Resources

Free and Discounted Resources During COVID19 Quarantine

There are a number of companies and organizations that are providing free or discounted resources to help us during the COVID-19 Quarantine. These resources can help you develop a new ...
Content Creation

Winter Content Creation

As the temperatures drop and the holidays approach, it is a great time for Winter Content Creation. I have Bach streaming on Spotify. I once heard that Bach was the ...
How To Write An Effective Blog Post

How To Write An Effective Blog Post

We are often asked by our clients How To Write An Effective Blog Post. If you are a source of education and information, you can place your self above your ...

Atlanta SEO For Local Business Meetup

One of the things that we most enjoy is being able to share our knowledge and experience with others. One way that we do this is by conducting a monthly ...
Effective SEO Content

How To Write Effective SEO Content

Writing effective SEO Content is perhaps the most important piece of the SEO puzzle. For years, Google has suggested that the most important factor to better results is to write ...
Gutenberg Release

Gutenberg Scheduled For November 19 Release

Well, it's appears to be official. WordPress 5.0, code named Gutenberg is scheduled for a November 19 release. In earlier posts, we examined this significant update, and its effects for ...

You May Be Paying For Services That You Don’t Need

In the past couple of weeks, we have received phone calls and have had eMail forwarded to us from clients asking about products or services that other vendors are pitching. ...

Why You Must Have A Website

Sometimes business owners feel like a website is not necessary. Let's take a look at a recent post I saw on Facebook and make a case for Why You Must ...

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