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htmlcodingAt i360 Group, our Custom Software Application Development team is committed to the process of creating software designed to improve a company's processes. By developing software applications that fit into existing organizations and systems, companies can realize huge leaps in ROI.

We start by defining in detail the overall objectives, then break down each process into the screens and methods necessary to complete the task. We write efficient code using industry standard best practices.

Our programmers utilize the following technologies: .NET, PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal,  Active Server Pages, Cold Fusion, Photoshop,  Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL,  and more.

Our Project Managers are skilled at defining the deliverables, managing key milestones and communicating effectively to key stakeholders.

Technology will continue to make development faster and more robust. i360 Group is on the cutting edge of this technology, while our seasoned experts continue to support any legacy systems.

Let's start a conversation on how i360 Group can help develop your next software application.

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