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Backups, and more importantly, the restoring of a backups is critical to Graphic Designers and Agencies. When bad things happen, we quickly jump in and restore the website or software application, reducing down time.

Unfortunately, bad things occur on the internet and with our computers. Hackers from all over the world delight in wreaking havoc on computers and websites. When they do, it can cause websites to run slowly, disappear, display offensive content and worse. When this happens, we quickly step in and restore the website from the last good backup. We then perform a detailed investigation to determine how the site was compromised. We implement necessary patches and work to secure the site.

We also work as an advocate on behalf of our clients to restore their online reputation. On some occasions, major search engines like Google will penalize a site because it shows offensive content or is being used as a relay to send links to other sites. Because of our experience, we have restored the reputation of many businesses over the years.

We can schedule nightly backups to the existing server environment as well as backing up to an offsite cloud server for additional security.

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