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As a consultant, strategist, technologist and trainer, I work with small to mid-sized companies to implement website and internet marketing strategies that increase revenue, market share and profits.

In my role, I work with our clients to create marketing strategies that produce measurable results.

Measurable Results

A current client went from startup with zero clients and zero revenue to over $300,000 in annual revenue. We established a brand, built a mobile-friendly website that is among the top ranking sites for their specific category. Our most current campaign is designed to increase existing revenue by more than 70%.

Experience Makes A Difference

Since 1999, i360 Group has helped hundreds of companies realize their business goals. Whether working with marketing managers of large agencies or owners of small businesses, I leverage my experience by asking the right questions and customizing the best solutions for the client’s benefit. I have been at the leading edge of our industry and have experience with a variety of industries including manufacturing, technology, franchises, professional service companies, financial & insurance as well as non-profit organizations.


Web development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Content Marketing, Project Management, Speaking, Training, Coaching, Social Media Platforms: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, Live Streaming, Instagram, Pinterest, Google + …

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Bill enjoys gardening with his wife, Rhonda. Bill has been teaching golf for over 30 years. He works with junior golfers and their parents and business people looking to improve their game. Bill also spent many years singing in rock and blues bands in Chicago, and is currently looking to collaborate with other musicians.

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