How To Choose A WordPress Developer

WordPress Developer

WordPress is the most popular web development platform in the world. It would make sense that it would be easy to find a competent WordPress Developer. The real question is what constitutes a competent or professional WordPress Developer?

You can break down this huge list down into a few categories that can then make that search easier

Professional Developers

A Professional WordPress Developer has the ability to ask the client specifically what they are looking for in design as well as user experience and deliver on that promise. A Prefessional WordPress Developer has the ability to write Plug-ins, modify Plug-ins, update and modify the core WordPress code and handle any technical issues that are bound to occur in the life of a website.

Additionally, when we add professional to the description, that means that they are experienced in integrating their solution into an existing environment, accessing data feeds from mainframe or other data sources. On top of that, they are excellent communicators, Project Managers and handle the business and financial issues professionally.

They are also the most expensive because they are worth it. Businesses that understand the value the internet brings to their business will invest in a professional.

Of all of the Categories listed, this one is the smallest because of the skill set required. i360 Group is a Professional WordPress Developer.

Professional Configurators

Some WordPress Developers have the ability to purchase a Theme, and then modify it to fit their clients needs. They may have a good eye for design and present themselves professionally. If the client asks for something beyond what came with the theme or a simple Plug-in, the Configurator can be in over their head.

They may have someone they can call in to make the customization, but real-time issues can pose to be a problem of their hired developer is not immediately available.

Amateur Configurators

There is a large segment of WordPress Developers that have built their own company website or a website for a non-profit, club or special project. As an amateur, they probably lack design and user experience skills. They often use clip-art or stuff content into spaces that the theme offered for no apparent reason.

If they are not professional, they may have the time to hunt down a problem and may even find a fix. This may be OK for a club, but for a business it is risky.

One Trick Pony

Some WordPress developers use one theme like Genesis and only build Genesis-based websites. To them the tool for every job is a hammer. Genesis is a powerful framework that can be configured to perform some advanced functionality. I would be wary of using someone that only uses one tool-set or methodology.

Amatuer Wanna-Be / Beginner

This represents the largest group of WordPress Developers. These are the people that downloaded the free software or attempted to publish a site at


For business websites, it is important to select the best WordPress Developer that you afford. If you need to increase your budget, you should do so. This is one area of business that you should not skimp on. You should be looking to establish a long-term relationship with an experienced, trusted partner.

By the way, i360 Group is a Professional WordPress Developer. We are located in Marietta, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta Georgia. Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of businesses and organization achieve their goals.