Domain Management

Domain Management

Selecting and maintaining the right domain name is the very beginning of Internet + Marketing success. Choosing a name that contains search words will help greatly in getting found in the search engines.

Domains_MDThere is a secondary market for purchasing domain names. Also, by searching the expired domain name list, you can find some real gems. Don’t be lured into choosing a Registrar that advertises the cheapest domain names.

There are a few registrars that make it very difficult to transfer a domain name away from them. Imagine getting ready to go live with a new website and eMail, and having the registrar’s transfer process so restrictive that it takes days to accomplish a very simple task of initiating a transfer.

We will search for and register domain names for you and your organization. We will make sure that you are listed as the Primary Contact, and that as a backup, we are listed as Technical Contact. This way, you have complete control of your domain name in case you need to transfer it to another registrar.

Hurry! Contact Us today. That name that you might be thinking of using could get snatched up. Registration is simple and inexpensive.

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