eCommerce Checklist for the Holidays

It’s still hot outside, football season will be kicking off soon, yet the retailers have already begun to stock their shelves with Christmas merchandise. This is a reminder for businesses running eCommerce websites to prepare their website for the coming holiday shopping season.

Here is a simple eCommerce Checklist for the Holidays to check for before your shoppers hit your site and are disappointed by the experience

  • Test your site for speed. If you are running on some sort of shared hosting, run some performance tests to see how long your customers have to wait for pages to load
  • Test your search engine rankings. Are you still being found? Did Google’s recent updates make your site’s rankings drop? Do your search terms line up with what you are offering or what customer are searching for?
  • Check your inventory against anticipated orders. Check with suppliers to see if there will be any backlog on getting you or your customer the products they are interested in
  • Review your marketing plan and budget. Are you reaching enough prospects? Are you converting an acceptable number of prospects into customers?
  • Review your checkout process. Does it have too many steps? What is your Shopping Cart abandonment rate?
  • Review your shipping policies. Can you get by with simple straight line shipping? Do you provide free shipping?

This is a basic checklist. At i360 Group, we utilize a more extensive eCommerce Checklist for the Holidays and analysis for our eCommerce customer to insure that they make the most of the holiday shopping season.