Looking to Build an Ecommerce Website

After leaving a weekend at WordCamp Atlanta and going through my notes I am amazed by the number of web developers and companies out there that are struggling to build an eCommerce website solution.

We at i360 Group have built many eCommerce websites through the years. From small eCommerce websites (4-6 products) to large eCommerce sites (4000+ products). Although the size of the projects are drastically different there are many similarities.

As you are looking at building an eCommerce website you need to ask yourself the following:

  1. how many products do I plan on having?
  2. how many product categories?
  3. what are most popular or profit generating products (you may wish to have them featured)?
  4. how are you handling shipping
  5. what about sales tax
  6. do you have product descriptions, images, skus
  7. are you tracking inventory
  8. do you need to have wholesale vs retail pricing
  9. who is going to handle customer issues with ordering
  10. which merchant solution are you using
  11. and the list goes on and on….

Why i360 Group for your eCommerce Website?

We at i360 Group have built enough eCommerce websites that we know the questions to ask and we know how to assist the client through the process. We highly recommend using WooCommerce which is a WordPress plugin to build out the website. It is so powerful and yet gives you the great features of WordPress such as the ability to write content, get that content pushed up the search engines, and have a blog to express your thoughts and what is happening in your company. It is an eCommerce website solution that has the best of all worlds. Alright I am a “geek” and I know it-  but if it is an eCommerce website solution that allows customers to order and can help the profits of a company why not let me walk you through the process of gathering the information so you get the proper eCommerce solution.

i360 Group is a web development company located in Marietta Georgia. Although we are in Marietta we also build website solutions for Atlanta and actually all across the country. We have been in business for over 17 years so we are here to assist you for the long haul as your company grows. If you are looking for an eCommerce website please feel free to give i360 Group a call at 770-973-3915 or complete our contact us form. We look forward to taking your company to the next level!