Atlanta Business Alliance

This project was a re-design of an existing WordPress site that had gone awry. The old site had PHP code embedded into each page to perform functions that are available through native WordPress Plugins. This meant that a PHP programmer needed to make simple updates. When the version of PHP running on the server changed, the site broke.

A new layout that brought in the existing brand design elements was built. A Member Profile section allows for each member to showcase their capabilities.

The site was also optimized for SEO. After the relaunch, traffic increased significantly. People that were looking for an Atlanta Business Network were finding the site in the search engines and arranging a visit to the group. Within the first year of the relaunch, the ABA had 4 new members join as a direct result of finding the site, gathering the necessary information and engaging with the membership chair. This increase represented a 25% increase over the previous year.

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