FIS Data - ListCounts

FIS Data provides New Homeowner and New Phone lists to clients across North America like insurance agents, churches and schools, landscaping, pest control and other home service providers.

i360 Group's Custom Software Development team developed a system where customers can enter search criteria based on their location, budget and other specific criteria. The ListCounts system determines how many names are available and the cost. The customer can then purchase and download the list.

The client can also print labels. i360 Group added a feature where customers can set themselves up to automatically receive data on a daily basis by putting in reserve dollars that deplete as orders are placed.


  • Client no longer has to be tied to phone to take orders and get back to customer on how much data is available and manually go over it. It is all automated.
  • Time Saving – The system is self –sufficient, which has saved the client many hours per week which translates to money saved on the bottom line. This has freed up the client to pursue other opportunities and grow the business.
  • The client was able to add a sales rep in another state, effectively, doubling their revenue.


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