Committed To Solving Problems

Bill Sterrett

Bill Sterrett has been providing IT & Marketing Solutions for companies since 1979. Bill specializes in utilizing creativity and innovation to solve specific business issues.

As a founder of i360 Group, Bill focuses his energy on providing Best Practices internally and with each project.

Bill's Project Management background means that systems and process are defined and adhered to. This attention to detail benefits i360 Group and our clients.

His passion for business and economic development is evident in his involvements in several business incubator projects.



Rhonda Sterrett

Rhonda has been developing quality applications with exceptional customer service since 1982. She is expert in many programming languages.

Recognized in the industry as a top level programmer, perhaps Rhonda's best quality is her pleasant demeanor even in the midst of chaos.

Rhonda is a master juggler of tasks that range from front-end design, to database integration, to programming a new language.

If there is a problem that needs to be solved, Rhonda is the one that our clients and partners turn to.

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