Google Changes For 2014 and Beyond

Google Changes

Google has made some big changes recently and they are all part of a longer term strategy that will significantly change SEO strategy.

In fact, it appears from recent changes, that Google changes are attempting to move people away from tactical SEO behavior and toward a more strategic approach.

All of these new changes play a role in getting people to focus on their authority, semantic relevance, and the user experience. Again, this is what Google wants.

There is a focus now on understanding your target users, producing great content, establishing your authority and visibility, and providing a great experience for the users of your site. Additionally, if you can organize and manage your site so that the search engines can understand it, including using schema and related markup, you will be rewarded with improved rankings.

Tactical approaches from the past like PageRank and keywords will slowly fade away. As Google continually tweaks the way their service operates, providing great content from authority sources will produce the best results.

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