Graphic Design for Sales

graphic design for sales

How many businesses use outdated, bland or stock forms for their presentation and sales material? A lot of us.

This is often a practice that is overlooked by many companies, and it may be costing them thousands in revenue. Think of some of the top brands. What comes to mind? Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Nike, Chevrolet, Holiday Inn. These well known brands pop into our heads, and we can even picture their logos, buildings and products. Obviously, they have spent millions on branding, not because they can afford to, but because it works.

We know what to expect with each of these brands. They don’t necessarily even have the best products. They have established themselves as trusted brands that offer a reasonable value.

Their branding extends beyond their advertising. Their packaging, forms, manuals and contracts all extend their brand message. As a result, we feel comfortable in making purchasing decisions with these brands.

Graphic Design for sales means that all collateral that you will be showing, presenting and delivering during the sales process should be consistent, clear and connecting with your prospect. What do your Sales proposals look like? How about your eMails? Sales Presentation folder, or even your Invoices? Every time we have an opportunity to touch your customer, you should extend your brand message.

At i360 Group, we understand the importance of extending your brand to not just marketing material, but to all aspects of your communication. Contact us to for a no obligation, no cost analysis of your branding.