The Importance of Professional Graphic Design

Graphic Design

With such an emphasis placed on Web Development & Internet Marketing, some businesses neglect the importance of Professional Graphic Design. This can be a costly mistake.

People learn and process information in one of 3 ways – Visual, Audio & Kinesthetic or by touch. If 1/3 of your target audience happens to be visual learners, and your graphic design does not connect with them, effectively, 1/3 or your marketing efforts could be wasted or diminished.

Here’s another way of looking at this is – If you have been targeting a specific prospect, a best client candidate – a grand slam victory if you win their business. You meet with them. Several people are involved in the selling process. All appears to be going well. A couple of weeks go by and you learn that your competitor has won the business.  You presented all of the data, specifications, and even demonstrated a return on investment. Yet, your competitor swoops in and takes the business from you. How could this happen?

It seems that one of the people on the committee connected with your competitor’s presentation, sketches or mockups, and their proposal was easier to understand, which led them to feel like communication on an on-going basis will be smoother.

Having a Strategic Marketing Plan, with quarterly reviews is just a start. Establishing messaging that connects with your target audience is critical. From there, the importance of professional graphic design cannot be understated. Designing logos, accompanying collateral material like business cards, sell sheets, brochures, presentation folders will make your message stand out, help connect with your target audience and give the the confidence they need to invest in you and your company.

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