Grout Doctor Franchise

i360 Group converted their websites to the Joomla Content Management System. We setup a Master Franchisee website that we quickly duplicate for each of their 65 + franchises. We have been designated as the official Internet Marketing vendor for the Franchisees. We provide Internet Marketing services that give each Franchisee a competitive advantage over their local competitors.

Franchise Sales – Our website development team designed a site to attract people looking to purchase a franchise. We implemented several strategies designed to move a candidate closer to purchasing a franchise. One strategy was to change a long 40 question form into a much shorter from asking simple questions. Conversion increased. As a result, they have new franchise candidates planning on coming on board as new Grout Doctors


  • Conversions increased
  • Franchisees compete and win new business in their local markets
  • Increase in sold franchises


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