How To Build A Keyword List

keyword list

Good search engine rankings begin with a keyword list. So how does one build a keyword list. The simplest approach is to list the services a business offers in simple terms. If possible, break each service into categories.

For example: Auto Repair is a broad term. Breaking down into Foreign Auto Repair and Domestic Auto Repair is a first step. From there, what specific type of repairs would that business provide? List those.

Next add variables such as locations, How To…, purchasing variables like cost, any options such as engine repair for domestic vehicles in Atlanta GA etc.

This manual process is just the beginning. You will find that many of the keywords you come up with are too broad, like Auto Repair. Someone interested in getting their car fixed today is most likely looking for a shop within 3 miles. This is why specific keywords are important.

We utilize a couple of professional grade SEO tools to speed up the process. One of the aspects of our software is showing the actual number of searches on specific keywords, as well as how much competition there is for that keyword. This is often where we begin our SEO process for our clients to produce the highest Return On Investment.

If you have any questions on how to build a keyword list, contact us for more information.