How To Create Content That Converts

content that converts

Sometimes, we get a request from a client asking us to get them to the top of Google. They may have a heard of a scheme that can produce quick, favorable results. However, these attempts to trick the system can result in penalties that can render a site invisible for months in the form of a penalty. Rather than trying to trick the system to gain an SEO advantage, you need to understand what search engines and users together seek, and that is relevance.

Modern Search is now about focusing on the user experience, as opposed to focusing on the search engines and what they want to see. The objective of a search engine is to have a happy user. When you focus on what the customer wants to experience, your site visitor and the search engines deliver that positive experience.

If you are looking for How To Create Content That Converts, focus on providing relevant information and content that your intended viewers will appreciate reading.

Regarding keywords. We still use that term, but the proper term would actually be keyphrases. A keyphrases would be relevant to what the searcher is looking for. It is usually 3-6 words and sometimes, very specific. Search engines try to match keyphrases to content and questions they want answered.

More than a quarter of queries were typed in the form of a question, with ‘how’ and ‘why’, representing more than half of those searches. When optimizing your content, you want to make sure that your copy uses keyphrases in a way that matches what your intended audience is likely to enter into the search box.

By answering questions and offering expertise and solutions to common problems, you can establish yourself as a trusted adviser and gain new authority and hopefully, new customers.