How To Write An Effective Blog Post

How To Write An Effective Blog Post

We are often asked by our clients How To Write An Effective Blog Post. If you are a source of education and information, you can place your self above your competition and gain new readers and followers. Another great benefit of Blogging is that new content feeds the search engines, which can improve your rankings.

There are 2 parts to creating great blog content. The first is simply writing relevant content that your target audience would be interested in. The second factor is the technical aspect of effective Blog writing. This article is a simplified guide that can help get you on your way to producing great content that is optimized for the search engines.

Keyword List

We start with a list of keywords or keyphrases. Start with broad terms. If you are writing for a Lawn Service in Marietta, Georgia, then keywords like lawn service Marietta ga would be a good start. We have the service followed by the location. From there, you can more specific like lawn aeration Marietta ga or tree trimming Marietta ga. Use these keywords as naturally as possible in your writing.

Topics of interest

Think about things that happened this past week or events coming up in the future. Write about new developments, success stories, behind the scenes insight or How-To articles. You have the knowledge; you just need to get it out of your head.

500 Words minimum

Try to write a minimum of 500 words. Occasionally, create a long form post with over 1500 words. Long form Blog posts produce much better ranking results.

Use Headings and Sub-headings

Break your article down into sections using Heading. These are H2 & H3 tags. Use the keywords in these Headings.


Link company name to Homepage. Link to 2-3 internal pages. Link to an external, high authority page like Wikipedia. Or, in the case of lawn service, link to a major grass seed company.

Add photos

Photos break up the page and make it more readable but are also a ranking factor. Name your photos using a keyword.

Embed YouTube video

Embed a video from your own YouTube Channel or from a high authority source. Neil Patel is a great resource for SEO and Blog writing. Below is a video that goes into greater detail, but worth a look.

Use Categories & Tags

Define a few Blog Categories and assign your Post to one or more Categories. You can also create Tags as another way of highlighting words and phrases that were used in your article.


Ideally, writing 1 Blog per week would exceed what your competitors are doing and could help to move you up in the rankings.

Social Sharing

Once you have written and published your Blog Post, you can add Social Sharing icons to your page which can make it easy to share your content with your followers on some of the popular social media channels like Facebook or LinkedIn

How To Write An Effective Blog Post Summary

This simple checklist for How To Write An Effective Blog Post can help you create relevant content that your audience will enjoy and the search engines will index. For more information, we have a series of slides for download from our Monthly SEO For Atlanta Businesses Meetup, held on the first Tuesday of each month.

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