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Increase RevenueWell, if you are in business, that is what it is all about. Making money. There, we said it. Businesses need to generate revenue so that they can continue to solve problems and serve people.

We help businesses increase revenue by establishing an Annual Plan. One of the key performance indicators is Annual Revenue. We like to look at a year and break it down into 90 day periods or quarters. It is much more manageable to address a 90 day set of goals and activities.

Once we identify the goals, we compare that against current and historic results. The difference is the focus. For example, if a business wants to earn $1,000,000 in revenue, that would equal $250,000 per quarter. If they previously achieved $200,000 per quarter, we know that we need to improve by $50,000. If their average new business engagement is $10,000, then we know that we need to win 5 new clients per quarter.

By breaking down the large goals into smaller, more manageable and more achievable tasks, we can focus on the activities and campaigns that will help accomplish those goals.

Obviously, this scenario is oversimplified, but the approach is time tested and proven. We work with our clients to create strategies and campaigns design to increase revenue. Since 1999, we have helped hundreds of companies achieve their revenue goals.

We enjoy celebrating with them in their success. Let's plan your celebration. Contact us today.


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