Internet Marketing Is A Team Effort

Internet Marketing Team

When it comes to delivering successful Internet Marketing, a skilled internet marketing team will produce the best results.

First, a Business Analyst who is expert at gathering requirements, prioritizing tasks and focusing on connecting with the target audience. They are like an architect. They determine the platforms that the systems will run on. These systems like web development platform or a CMS, a hosting platform, eMail and Social Media Platforms need to work with each other.

Next, a User Interface Expert will design a visual layout with key interactivity points, taking into account the requirements established by the Business Analyst.

From here, a Web Developer assembles the graphic elements and code and builds the website and Blog. Behind the pages is code. This code should be written as efficiently as possible. It should also allow the website to adapt to the wide variety of screen sizes in tablets, smartphones and other web enabled devices.

Now the the website is complete, Search Engine Optimization is performed by an expert in Search Engine Marketing. This usually begins with identifying keywords and keyphrases that the target audience is likely to enter into a search. On-page optimization involves weaving keywords into the 6 areas of a page that search engines look for optimization.

We can also establish a Content Management Strategy and Social Media Strategy designed to push content out to as many relevant channels as possible.

At i360 Group, our team of experts work with Graphic Designers in Atlanta and points beyond to optimize their client’s websites. We can work on a narrow set of requirements and not disturb any existing content, or in some cases, we have been given authority to add pages, Blog posts in order to improve rankings.