Market Research Questions

Testing_MDWith a foundation built on solid market research, we can engage consumers at all points in the purchase funnel, and act on a variety of digital marketing objectives.

So what kinds of questions should researchers and marketers ask via consumer surveys, to improve media performance and engage, acquire, and build?


Driving Engagement

  •  Which offer would be more appealing to you, “Free Shipping” or “Buy One Get One Free”?
  • If we offered a mobile app designed to enhance your in-store experience, would you download it?
  • What is the #1 reason you clicked “Like” on our Facebook page?

Acquiring Customers

  •  Where do you most frequently purchase this product or service? Check all that apply.
  • When was the last time you were in the market for this product or service?
  • Of the following product features, which ones are most relevant to you? (Acquisition based media delivery can then be tailored to demographic profiles of respondents.)


Building Brands

From the following list, please choose the brand that you believe offers the best product/service, and specify why you chose it.

  • Which of the following is the most likely reason you would recommend us to friends and family?
  • If you’ve purchased our brand more than once, what prompted you to come back to us?


We’re just scratching the surface here. With more detail around your brand, category and marketing objectives, there are infinite opportunities to put this type of consumer research to use.

The formula is simple: with preemptive research, you acquire the insights that grease the purchase funnel, minimizing the drag that is encountered in the delivery of media. And you don’t have to stop there: this type of research methodology can also be used for applications like sales, customer service, and product development.