New Marketing Strategies

New Marketing Strategies

How are we going to add new customers this year? What internet marketing strategies will be most fruitful in 2014?

All indications lead to developing a more personalized approach to marketing and sales. How you connect with your prospects can ultimately have an impact on meeting your sales goals.

It is vitally important to better understand the prospect. Prospects are more savvy than ever on how to research and select a vendor that can meet their needs. As a result, there is an increased demand for online content.

Providing relevant content during their research process will give you a competitive advantage.

Here are 4 key points you should know to improve your marketing strategy.


1. Prospects know more about your company than your company knows about them

Over 50% of B2B buyers make initial contact only after compiling a short list of candidates. Now more than ever, prospective buyers are doing their homework before making initial contact with a company.

How much do you really know about them, though? Understanding their preferences by identifying what whitepapers they’ve downloaded, which pages on the website they’ve visited, and how long they spent on each page provides insights into what they might be interested in, or what products or services they’re looking for. If you aren’t already tracking such information, or if you don’t know what your buyer is interested in, you need to find out.


2. If your company isn’t focused on content, you’re already at a disadvantage

We already know that prospective buyers are doing their research ahead of time, so what can we do to make the process easier for them?

More than 80% of business decision-makers prefer to get company information in a series of articles versus advertisements. Buyers want information that answers their questions or justifies their need to their boss other team member. Information in the form of case studies, company blogs, infographics, industry news, and other content-driven sources will help you help them.


3. Thought leadership outweighs relationships

The old adage, “It’s not what you know but who you know,” no longer holds true in the business world. Relationships will always be important, but prospective buyers are more interested in what you know—and, ultimately, what you can do for them.

A strong referral network might help get your foot in the door, but the purchasing decision comes down to how you can help them solve their business challenges. Before your company even makes the short list, buyers want to know that you understand their industry and their business. They want to see that you’re forward-thinking, ahead of industry trends, and transparent in your willingness to share those insights.


4. Unbudgeted projects can represent opportunity

Don’t let budget cycles or restrictions prevent you from presenting new ideas to prospects or clients. With industry changes occurring at a rapid pace,  it can be difficult, if not impossible, to predict what solutions will work six months from now, let alone a full fiscal year.

If your prospects or clients like your idea and can see its value, they will find a way to get the project funded.

Share relevant successes with other clients or within the industry, and make recommendations around how this information can be applied for them. Demonstrating smart, proactive thinking around their business goes a long way toward driving sales.

At i360 Group, we are expected to stay on the forefront of marketing changes. We are early adopters of new technology, and preview how innovation can help our clients remain relevant. If you have any questions on New Marketing Strategies, contact us for a complimentary consultation.