5 Ways To Increase Online Store Sales

online salesIn today’s advanced e-commerce climate, with intense competition in nearly every product category, coupled with bots that scan the web to find consumers the best deals, you need to be more proactive to generate Online Store Sales.

Besides the daily tasks of keeping your store running, you need to pay attention to advertising, promotions and merchandising. Just like a brick-and-mortar store, you need to constantly keep your online storefront up-to-date with new products, specials and offers to attract new customers and bring back existing ones.

The Internet is almost an all or nothing proposition. The same technology that gives consumers the freedom to graze the Internet in search of the best deal also makes it easier than ever to stay in front of truly interested buyers and to entice them with highly targeted offers. Whether they are at your site just researching or ready to buy, the better you can match your offerings to their needs – and the better you can communicate that – the more likely you are to complete the sale.

Here are some things you can do to increase your online store sales:

 1. Cross-sell Merchandising and Promotions

In brick-and-mortar stores, those impulse items close to the cash register are huge revenue generators. Capture online impulse buys with cross-selling (eg: “Other customers have purchased” or “You might also like”) using related products displayed with single items or categories.

 2. Use Modal Pop-Ups

Modal pop-ups, those windows that require visitor interaction in order to continue browsing, are very effective in capturing e-mail addresses from potential buyers. And as you know, selling online is all about the mailing list. Just be sure the pop-up isn’t overly oppressive. Make it easy for customers to move on without entering their e-mail by simply clicking elsewhere on the page.

 3. Integrate E-mail Sign-Ups within the Checkout

Another creative way to capture e-mail addresses is by offering buyers the option to sign-up for your e-mail list from within the checkout page. By this time, they’ve already decided to purchase from you, so they may be predisposed to receiving other offers and updates.

 4. Pay Attention to “Cart Abandonment” Issues

Industry research reveals a startling fact: seven out of 10 online shopping carts are abandoned before checkout, for a number of reasons ranging from running out of time to shipping cost sticker shock. Unfortunately, this is par for the course for the online shopping experience. Wise e-tailers can implement ways to recapture these lost sales, including:

  • Keeping shopping carts active for 60 days
  • Making support and phone information more prominent to aid indecisive shoppers
  • Making sure the returning shopper sees the filled cart when returning
  • E-mailing the shopper within hours of the abandonment. The e-mail could contain a one-time or time-sensitive discount, or simply ask whether the buyer had a problem with the transaction. Even if that shopper can’t be reclaimed, they might be able to provide useful intelligence.

 5. Flash Sales and Promotions

Promotions are a must-have for an online store. Again, think along the lines of a brick-and-mortar store and set up a promotional calendar for the year. Include not only major holidays, but other dates of interest that appeal to your particular customer niche. If you’re a selling licensed sports apparel, you might want to herald the start of the new season, as fans are gearing up to support their favorite teams.

Generating visits to your website, and resulting sales, may feel like an uphill battle, but with some forethought, and by applying some basics of marketing, you’ll be able to substantially increase your site’s revenue.

If you have any questions about your eCommerce, please contact the i360 Group Helpdesk. We can implement simple solutions that can increase your online sales.