Customer Relationship Management

One of the core functions of the internet is content sharing. Why Do People Share Content? A person’s interest in sharing content is directly related to their relationships with their followers and friends, and how the content will connect with them. It ties the two together.

A recent New York Times Customer Insight Group found 5 reasons that people shared content.

  • 49 percent of people indicated that they shared content as a form of entertainment
  • 68 percent indicated that they shared content that helped them define themselves
  • 78 percent shared content that helped them stay connected to others and nurture their relationships
  • 69 percent shared content that helped them feel more involved in the world
  • 84 percent shared content that supported a particular cause

When you write content that people share, it has the potential to offer value on a number of levels. First, it can help drive more traffic to your page, which is a great way to increase your SEO and rankings.

It can also be good for your personal and corporate reputation as those sharing are generally validating  for your brand message.

Additionally, 73 percent of the participants in the survey said that they were able to process information more deeply when they share it with others. It can lead to discussion and deeper thought. When you create content worth sharing, you increase engagement with those original readers, which is a marketers dream.