Should I Rebuild My Website Using WordPress?

WordPress Website

We receive many phone calls asking why we are choosing WordPress to rebuild more websites than any other CMS. The answer is pretty simple.  Right now about 90% of our business is building WordPress websites. WordPress started just as a blog. A blog is like a diary. Here are a few reasons that demonstrate why a WordPress website is a great platform for your business.

  1. WordPress has a regularly updated backbone. It is important to have a system behind the content management system is updated regularly for security and to support the latest and greatest browser update.
  2. WordPress has a wonderfully large repository of plugins that extend the basic functionality of WordPress. If you want to add forms to WordPress there is a plugin for that. If you want to add ecommerce to WordPress there is a plugin (any many of them) to add that functionality. If you wish to add a beautiful gallery to your WordPress site there are many plugins for that. You get the hint. It can bring functionality to your WordPress website that years ago would cost a small fortune to code and implement.
  3. WordPress can be enabled with security that make a website harder for hackers to get into. These plugins are definitely worth the small price. I would highly recommend finding a web development company (if you are not using i360 Group) to manage this for you.
  4. The WordPress community is unbelievable. There are user groups to assist in learning and answering questions. If that isn’t enough there are WordCamps where we “geeks” and other “non-geeks” get together for a weekend of fun and learning all centered around WordPress. This year, I am one of the speakers at the Asheville WordCamp. I get the pleasure of talking about WooCommerce. WooCommerce is one of the top plugins for building an eCommerce WordPress website. Look for updates as that date approaches.
  5. Lastly WordPress has some great themes (or designs) that allow your website look like your brand. When we work with our clients we make sure that their branding is kept in tact and make sure that their website looks unique. If you are a do-it-yourselfer you need to be careful about just choosing one of the free themes. Some of them may slow down your site or you may find hundreds of websites that look exactly like yours because the theme is not very customizable. Also make sure the theme that is chosen is responsive (look for more on this in a future blog post).

In closing, we at i360 Group create more user friendly, robust websites using WordPress than any other CMS (content management system) because of all of the features above and more.

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