Search Engine Optimization For Graphic Designers

SEO for graphic designers

Let’s face it. Most Graphic Designers are specialists in creating beautiful designs. They can create concepts from scratch. Many designers are adept at drawing and sketching. They see the world as either a series of blank canvases to be completed or as a surrounding of visual design elements. They utilize the left part of the brain. Colors and fonts and positioning are important.

SEO on the other hand, is generally accomplished by researching data, and code. SEO experts analyze keyword patterns and variations. They read through Google’s Webmaster Reports and debate algorithms with fellow SEO’s. They will run sample keyword tests just for fun to see if they can figure out Google’s latest algorithm change. They are nerds. The world has come to rely on nerds.

At i360 Group, we have a team of nerds that enjoy programming, data, code and the hardware and software side of effective web development and internet marketing.  If you are a graphic designer or know one who doesn’t want to deal with the technical side of the web, we can handle this for you. Our nerds don’t interface directly with the client. Our personable Helpdesk staff do that under your direction, with patience, empathy and joy.

If you are looking for a technical partner that you can trust, contact our Helpdesk.