Social Media Strategies for Summer

social media strategies for summer

While my son is playing in one of many golf tournaments this summer, we feel that he should play without his coach looking over his shoulder, so off I go to Chik-Fil-A, to enjoy their breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Each week, I write Blog posts for the i360 Group website, and also for several of our clients.


Blogging while at the beach, pool, mountain retreat or under a shade tree

The Blog posts are the best way to update a website with updated, relevant content. Once you have written an optimized Blog post using your top keywords, the next step is to push that content out to Social Media channels.

I enjoy finding a relaxing spot like Chik-Fil-A, the golf course clubhouse, or my back deck to kick back and write a series of Blog posts that can be published over the next few weeks and months. Sometimes, I just write a few ideas and save that Blog post as a Draft. I can usually come back to a post that was saved as a draft after driving for a while and thinking about it away from the computer. The remaining ideas come to me and I can finish the Post as soon as I get back to the computer.

I queue these up and set a publish date for each Blog post. This way, they can be distributed on a regular basis with no large gaps between Blog posts dates.


Social Media Strategies for Summer

Now that the Blog posts are queued or published, we use a simple software plugin to push those Blog posts out to relevant Social Media channels such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others. For B2B services, we will join or start a LinkedIn group and post to that group as long as the post is relevant to the purpose of the group. If it relevant, the members of the group will comment and discuss with other members. This helps establish us or our clients as trusted experts. This is one of the highest level of online authority, when others trust you as an expert.


This is not an overnight process. For long term lasting results with the search engines, write good Blog posts on a regular basis and push them out to relevant Social Media channels . For more immediate SEO results, we suggest Pay-Per-Click or PPC. We can setup and manage PPC campaigns for our clients.