How To Use Influencer Marketing To Grow Sales

Influencer Marketing

In a previous post, we learned why people share content.  Now, we will look into leveraging that by utilizing Influencer Marketing to grow sales. Influencer Marketing is the process of having influential contacts share your content, talk about your brand, mention one of your products and share with their influencers.

Influencers to target would be those who are leaders in your industry and have a large following in your target audience. Influencers gain trust by providing their audience with insight and authority. When you get Influencers to share your content, your reach and authority grows.

Begin by identifying a few key Influencers in a few of your targets. Share their content with your existing audience and demonstrate to the Influencer that you value their authority. Over a short period, you will show your loyalty to them. At this point, share one of your insights and ask if they would consider sharing with their audience. Teh audience of the Influencer expects regular, relevant content. This can be a burden, so Influencers are always looking for additional sources that speak to their audience.

It takes discipline and time to build these Influencer relationships, but the results can be very valuable. Influencer Marketing can be a very cost effective marketing strategy.