Looking good on any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone

At i360 Group, our Web Design methodology takes into account the target audience, the way that they commonly process information and how the provider would want the site visitor to react. It is an art and a science.

Done properly, visitors to a site immediately begin to interact favorably. Done improperly, visitors get frustrated and simply leave the site. This is a silent transaction that the site owner cannot monitor in real time. Imagine owning a store and seeing customers walk in, look around and immediately turn and leave. You would soon see that there was something wrong with the layout and make adjustments as soon as possible.

Our designers take the time to first understand what the objectives of the site are, and how we will measure success. We walk our customers through a process where they can see sample designs and discuss what they like and don't like. We can utilize "Eye Maps" that show how site visitors process a page.

Keeping in mind that ultimately, we design with the end user in mind, we are able to explain every element on a page and why it was designed a certain way, and why it was placed in a certain location.

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