GrowYourBusiness_MDLooking to Grow Your Business?

We act as your programming/web development staff. Simply pick up the phone or send us a message as if we were down the hall from you. We’ll respond promptly and work to make you look good to your clients.

  • We create websites that match your Photoshop files
  • The website does what is it supposed to do
  • We deliver your projects on time
  • We communicate effectively to your staff and clients
  • Cost commitments are honored
  • You work on the design and client management, we work on the technical details

bad developer_MDAre you working with a bad web developer?

We're sorry that you are going through that. We can deliver a high quality website, on time and under budget, and at the same time make any recommendations that will make it a better user experience.

  • Do you experience poor customer support from your web developer?
  • Is your web developer offensive to your clients? – They speak down to you, don’t work within your culture and respond to clients inappropriately.
  • Does your web developer miss deadlines or won’t give you completion targets? Are your projects not receiving the attention you expect?
  • Does your web developer not test their work? Unfinished work, errors, bad user experience, leading to billing issues later
  • Is your web developer unethical? – will their shortcuts end up costing you and your clients later?

 Buried_MDBuried With Technical Details?

Our job is to make you look good to your clients. In your client’s eyes it appears that you went above and beyond, delivered on time, and made recommendations to improve the user experience.

  • We have programmers that are specialists in the most common programming languages
  • We can handle “rush” jobs
  • We can code in any language & CMS
  • We maintain a staffed helpdesk
  • We offer eMail support
  • We can provide server updates and patches
  • Browser compatibility – “Why is the site no longer working on my Mac or with the latest version of the Google Chrome browser?”

i360 Group provides strategically targeted web development and programming, as well as maintenance and support specifically for graphic designers and agencies. Consider us your programming/web development staff. Just contact us by phone, email or text. Our response times are excellent and our goal is to make you look good to your clients. Offering web development services as an integral part of your product pallet makes your company a convenient one-stop supplier/vendor for your clients.

Our U.S.A.-based programmers are specialists in all current programming languages. Our experience allows us to combine our understanding of business issues and the integration of multiple systems to result in functional solutions. At the conclusion of the project we not only deliver a high quality website, but we will also educate you on our methods and the details behind the technology.

At i360 Group, our support team is knowledgeable, understands how to communicate effectively and has a solid track record of exceeding our clients’ expectations. Our flexible business model means that we can work within a wide range of budgets.

Our Services Include:

  • Web Development
  • Website Hosting
  • End-user & Client Support
  • Custom Application Development
  • Search Engine Optimization / Search Marketing
  • Monthly Maintenance & Support Plans
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Project Management
  • Copywriting

If you have questions for us, or a project that may need technical support beyond what you are currently offering, please feel free to contact us. We would welcome a conversation on how we can help you win over your client.


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