Improve your website’s overall performance

An Website Audit is a comprehensive analysis of your website which helps to assess the performance of your current on-page and off-page activities.

Our Website & SEO audit contains the following components:

  • On-Page Technical Audit: We check for bad links, missing Meta tags, duplicate content and overall site structure.
  • Backlink Competitive Analysis: This analysis helps you assess the quality of your backlinks and compare them with your competitors.
  • Bad Link Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether you’re receiving poisonous links – links from bad neighborhoods such as link farms and spammy directories.
  • Content Keywords Analysis: This analysis helps you determine how Google interprets your website based on the content provided on your site.
  • Site Speed Analysis: This analysis helps you assess the speed of your website and ways to improve it.
  • Social Sharing Button Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether you’ve included social media sharing icons on your blogs and other pages of your website.
  • Duplicate Content Analysis: This analysis helps you determine whether there’s more than one version of a webpage indexed by Google.
  • Content Audit Analysis: This analysis helps you determine you’ve included unique and relevant meta descriptions, meta keywords, SEO-friendly URLs, title tags, and other attributes on your website.

Once the Audit is complete, we will send you a screencast video review as well as a PDF report for your records.

If you need any assistance in improving the reach and performance of your website, contact our team at i360 Group. We are ready to help.


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