Web Design

Web Design is critical to any website. It may seem silly to say but website design needs to match your company’s branding, colors, font styles, etc. We see websites each day that the printed material has a different logo and colors than the website. There are many themes and designs out there for WordPress, Joomla and many other content management systems. Many of these themes may have a lot of features but not anywhere close to your branding and may take a some tweaking to change the theme to meet your demands. The web design is a critical element to having the whole website come together.

This is exactly where i360 Group comes into play. We are a Marietta, GA (just a short hop from Atlanta)  based web development and web design company who specializes in making sure your website design matches your branding. Once we have the website design handled we can then customize it so the functionality is what you need to convert website leads into new clients for you.

Call i360 Group today at 770-973-3915 to learn how we can bring your branding to life with your website design.