You must be wondering what is so good about website development Atlanta?

The competition is getting tough day by day. In order to come top, you need to partner with a web development company that can give you a competitive advantage. i360 Group is that company. The website plays an important role in marketing your services/product.

One of the common mistakes that many marketers make is web development. They don’t give much importance to web development which cost them a lot. They copy and paste the templates (mostly found on the internet). Custom web development is way better than pre-made templates. The reason is that it separates the competitor’s website from your website.

There are some precautions to be taken while making your own web development. The code should load quickly, remains secure, scales properly and it should be SEO friendly as well. The best part is that website development Atlanta covers all the above points.

Website Development Atlanta Importance

Not just only that, website development Atlanta covers many other points as well. Following are the points:

Content Management System

Instead of paying a development company you can manage your own content by having your own blogs. In order to feature blogs, you need to add a content management system (CMS). Mostly web developer prefers WordPress as a content management system. The reason is that WordPress offers the best CMS to this date. There are many others who also provide good CMS such as blogger, Drupal, etc.

These CMS allows you to control the content and also reduce the cost of development cost.

E-Commerce Capabilities

Let’s imagine your customer made his/her mind to get your product/services. Your website should have e-commerce capabilities otherwise they won’t be able to buy your product/services.

Studies show that in 2018, approximately 1.8 billion people prefer buying a product online. This means that people prefer buying online, here e-commerce comes in handy. E-commerce provides customers with custom shopping exposure. This will increase the transactions, security as well as trust too.

Load Speed Optimization

Another amazing point of website development Atlanta is the loading speed. Even Google also checks how quickly your website loads. If it passes the test then Google will rank it.

Responsive Development

Mobile phones have taken over the world. According to a survey (of 2018), almost 58% of websites were visited from a mobile phone. If your website isn’t mobile compatible then there is a high chance that you will lose your customers. To avoid that mobile compatibility is very important.

A mobile responsive website helps viewers and if it is done properly then it won’t disturb the SEO ranking as well. Mobile sites are made differently which means that it will have different coding.