Avoid A Major Website Interruption

Website Hacks are one of the most annoying and damaging events that occur on the internet. i360 Group specializes in protecting our clients from these exploits

Today, there are more exploits that occur on the internet than ever before. These often come from foreign countries and are performed by people running scripts that scan for known holes in code.

Once they detect an opening, they insert their code into the website and onto the web server deep within the file system. Their code can run undetected for long periods. This can slow down your server, serve up bogus content and use your server as a relay for other illegitimate sites.

This can ruin the reputation of a website and a company. We can run monitoring software that identifies unauthorized users and the installation of un-approved code. We also install security patches to servers to plug any holes in the code in order to keep out the hackers.

By properly securing a website, we can reduce the likelihood of an attack. No site is ever 100% secure. When an attack occurs, we quickly restore the site so that the client’s reputation and revenue stream remains intact.

Contact the security experts at i360 Group today to secure your website.

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