Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Through arrangements with a number of prominent Hosting Companies, we can provide the hosting options to meet your needs. Our Hosting offers personal and business connectivity with round-the-clock technical support, in addition to web development, eCommerce solutions and web hosting for both Linux and Microsoft platforms.

Server1_MDWe can provide turnkey web site hosting solutions for the full range of business and organizational needs. We understand the importance of combining robust network technologies with a team of talented professionals who are committed to meeting the needs of our customers.

Our hosting strategies range from inexpensive Linux boxes, to Windows servers to multiple Sun clusters. These systems are carrier-grade servers designed for high levels of availability. Features include a lights out management module that provides enhanced system monitoring and administration capabilities, dual network ports and mirrored, hot-pluggable SCSI disk drives.

We utilize the latest in server technology. Our servers are configured with SCSI-2 storage with RAID for fault tolerance and hot-swappable drives. These servers support FrontPage extensions, ASP, .NET, Linux, Cold Fusion, Lotus Notes and other ISAPI server-side processes.

These high-performance, switched networks employ the latest technologies. They utilize multiple high-speed connections that are fully redundant to insure the fastest, most reliable service on the net.

Finally, our hosting packages are designed to deliver 99.9% up-time along with nightly data backups so that you can rest assured that your website is always working for you.

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