Why You Must Have A Website

Sometimes business owners feel like a website is not necessary. Let’s take a look at a recent post I saw on Facebook and make a case for Why You Must Have A Website.

The post appeared on a local Facebook Group where connections can be made for individuals and business. Often, people go to Facebook Groups to ask the group members who they know that can provide a service that they need.

Here is an excerpt from that post:

I am looking for someone to come out and give me an estimate on an exterior house painting job today or tomorrow. We would like to change the color of the house to white with charcoal gray trim. It’s a 1 story house and will only need 3 sides of the house painted (front, left and right) not the rear as it will go under construction soon.

You must have a website, be insured and I will not be paying up front. I will pay once the job is completed and have done a full walkthrough. Thank you!

What this person is looking for are some unqualified leads that he can begin to qualify. He’ll perform some simple due-diligence based on the personal recommendations in the group, then he will go to the website and begin his evaluation.

What do you suppose he is looking for? Certainly a personal presence. He is after all, going to do business with a person. Who are these folks and how do they represent themselves on their website? How long have they been in business? What type of services do they offer? Who have they worked with in the past? If the prospects values align with the values he sees on the website, the prospect may be inclined to fill out a form on the website asking for some information or make a phone call.

If a form fill is completed, how does the prospect know that the request for more information has been received and when will they get a response? This process can make or break the opportunity.

Trust. That, my friend is Why You Must Have A Website. Not just any website, but one that conveys your brand promise through your design, message, website functionality, and personality. By establishing trust through your website, you have a better chance at converting these opportunities and increasing sales.

In you have any questions as to how to build a website that establishes trust, contact us to schedule a Discovery Session.