Winter Content Creation

Content Creation

As the temperatures drop and the holidays approach, it is a great time for Winter Content Creation. I have Bach streaming on Spotify. I once heard that Bach was the best music to study to, although any classical music will do. A cup of hot tea and a heated blanket to keep my toes warm also helps to get me in the writing mode. I now have no excuse for not cranking out lots of great content for i360 Group for the new year, and neither do you.

The holiday break offers some down time, which is a great time to think about your Content Market Strategy for the coming year. We’ll share some tips and tools to help you with your content creation efforts.

Content Creation Calendar

First establish a Content Creation Calendar. Challenge yourself, but be realistic. You may only write bits and pieces of certain topics at first. That is OK. When you run out of things to say, step away, take a break and come back fresh. It may take a few attempts over time to complete a really good Blog post. You will get better with practice.

Dictation For Easier Writing

Another method, which I used to do, is to utilize a speech to text software like Dragon Naturally Speaking. Most laptops and devices have recording and text to speech functions. Microsoft Word has built-in dictation. Just write down a few bullet points and talk in your natural voice while the software records. You have a lot of experience and insight to offer. Your prospects have questions. If you can anticipate their questions and provide answers, you can position yourself as a thought leader and trusted advisor, not just another vendor.

Visual Search Options

Don’t forget to add a photo or graphic to reinforce your topic. It helps to break up the page and draw the reader in. DO NO copy images from a Google search. You must only use photos or images that you are the creator or that you have acquired the rights to use. This is usually done through a purchase of stock images or photography. Here is a link to 123RF, the service we use for purchasing images. – For all your creative needs!

My tea is getting cold, so it looks like a good time to get up and take a break, but make sure to schedule some alone time with just your thoughts, a keyboard, and some Bach. Happy writing!

And let me know how it goes. You can eMail me at