Wordcamp Asheville

Wordcamp Asheville

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to present at Wordcamp Asheville, a 3-day gathering of WordPress aficionados. Our topic was ” Technical Support For Graphic Designers”. We shared how graphic designers and agencies could increase their revenue by taking on projects that may seem outside their core competencies if they utilized the help of a technical partner.

We have helped several designers and agencies win business that they probably would not have gotten. By bringing in a qualified technical support partner, the creatives can focus on what they do best – create beautiful designs that engage their audience.

Finding a partner can be challenging however. We shared that personalities and cultures should align and effective communication is essential.

For fun, I started a doodle that we passed around to each of the attendees. What our group came up with in a short period of time – while being thoroughly engaged in my presentation turned out to be pretty cool.


I think that it represents the possibilities that can occur when designers team up with developers – bliss, rockets, mountains and flower people.

p.s. – my contribution was the circle on the left. Someone else enhanced it.