Your Internet Marketing Team

Your Internet Marketing Team offers a Lead Generation website designed to convert visitors into prospects. They supplement that with a Video Training Library that allows DIY marketers to learn at their own pace, while choosing what marketing systems are best for them. Their Step-by-step training videos walk clients through the best tools, in a simplified process.

i360 Group's branding team quickly developed Key Messaging and a branding package that is used in establishing the brand. In less than 2 weeks, the team at i360 Group created the logo, messaging, business cards, flyers, videos and website for a trade show.



  • Initial branding helped acquire 6 new clients
  • On-going marketing is used to present offering to prospects


Customer Relationship Management

Why Do People Share Content?

One of the core functions of the internet is content sharing. Why Do People Share Content? A person's interest in sharing content is directly related to their relationships with their followers and friends, and how the content will connect with ...
graphic design for sales

Graphic Design for Sales

How many businesses use outdated, bland or stock forms for their presentation and sales material? A lot of us. This is often a practice that is overlooked by many companies, and it may be costing them thousands in revenue. Think ...
Graphic Design

The Importance of Professional Graphic Design

With such an emphasis placed on Web Development & Internet Marketing, some businesses neglect the importance of Professional Graphic Design. This can be a costly mistake. People learn and process information in one of 3 ways - Visual, Audio & ...
New domains

Hundreds of new domains are coming

Prior to November 7, 2013, there were 22 domain extensions that we had become familiar with, including .COM, .NET and .ORG. Soon, there will be more than 700 new extensions specific to your interest, industry, region or city.  GoDaddy is ...

Market Research Questions

With a foundation built on solid market research, we can engage consumers at all points in the purchase funnel, and act on a variety of digital marketing objectives. So what kinds of questions should researchers and marketers ask via consumer ...
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